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The Marine Corps Home-based And Real-time Distance Learning program provides a virtual collaborative platform for real-time language training of Marine Corps personnel. The program takes advantage of commercially available technologies to support an efficient and low-cost language training options for students in geographically dispersed ad distant locations.
When Do Classes Start?
MCHARD Language classes can be requested at any time. Classes will be designed based on Marine Corps requirements and can be scheduled to take place at any time, any day, 24/7. Please contact the MCHARD Helpdesk for more details.
How do I request a class?
MCHARD language classes may be purchased from PEC's GSA Language Services Schedule (GS-10F-0190X) . Classes are available for purchase on a per class basis or on a per hour basis. You can have up to 6 students in a class and classes can take place at any time. For more information please contact us at or 315-214-7387.